• Computer Vision

  • Text Analysis

  • AI Hardware

  • Data Mining

  • Time Series Analysis

Computer Vision

Our team specializes in computer vision algorithm development to fuel breakthrough innovation. We have world-class machine learning engineers and infrastructure architects in our midst.

As a computer vision company, we aspire to build intelligent computer vision solutions that can bring real changes to business operations and help business strategies yield better results. We help our clients improve the efficiency of their business processes by extracting the data from images and video frames.

We tailor our computer vision services and solutions to your specific needs. Be it the automation of visual tasks, computer vision consulting, or building new products from scratch – we do it all.

  • Facial Recognition

  • Scene Recognition

  • Sensitive Pics Detection

  • Medical Imaging Analysis

  • Fake Image Authentication

  • Object Detection

  • Defect Inspection

  • Action Recognition

  • Video Analysis

  • Image to Text

  • Semantic AI

  • Custom Translation

  • Files Similarity

  • OCR

  • Automatic Term Extraction

  • AI-Driven Review

  • Patient Record Process

  • AI Chatbots

Text Analysis

We build custom text analysis software that helps you extract meaning from text data and speed up reporting and analysis. We use our proprietary natural language processing technology to accelerate project delivery for our customers. Our NLP solutions were designed to propel your customer-centric initiatives such as customer feedback analysis, customer support automation, information access, semantic search.

AI Hardware

Based on your business model, we will transforming your manufacturing process with our full stack AI-powered smart solution.

  • AI Medical Devices

  • Edge Computing

  • Smart Camera

  • Smart Hardware

  • Recommendation System

  • Risk Assessment

  • User Portrait Analysis

  • Data Visualization

Data Mining

Our big data consulting and big data software development services enable you to innovate, experiment with new tools, explore new ways of leveraging data, and continuously optimize your big data solutions.

Time Series Analysis

Tuninsight.AI will build solutions to help you anticipate customer behavior and outcomes and steer your business in the right direction. Our predictive analytics services include data strategy consulting, custom machine learning model development, end-to-end predictive analytics software development.

  • EEG Analysis

  • ECG Analysis

  • Financial Data Analysis

  • Seismic AI