Tuninsight.AI Dermatoscope for Dermatologists

Our AI dermatoscope will provide services for dermatologists and telemedicine platforms:

Observation of skin lesions

Image store and online transport

Intelligent labeling and automated report

Electronic medical record management

Telemedicine diagnostic support


Epileptic Seizure Prediction with Multimodal Deep Learning

By jointly developing a shared neural representation between EEG records and patient behavior videos, multimodal model can achieve better performance by leveraging information from multiple source.

Orthopedic Radiographs Assisted Analysis System

8 Body Parts: Knee, Shoulder, Cheekbones, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Palms and Fingers.

4 Diseases and Abnormalities: Knee arthritis, Bone hyperplasia, Ulnar fracture, Tibial screw.  

Accuracy rate of recall rate above 92.9%.

Smart aEEG Analysis System

The system can be used for monitoring and nursing the brain development of new born children, providing real-time warning, disease analysis, automatic report generation and other functions.