Automatic Container Code Recognition System

AI solution based on DNN Customized Object Detection Tech Precise Positioning.

Using self-attention mechanisms in the process of recognition of optical character.

Efficiently reducing the false positive.

Tens of thousands of images of Container.

Accuracy of recognition above 99%.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Tuninsight Driver Fatigue Monitoring System, based on facial feature recognition, collects the driver’s facial images and head postures through the camera, and then compares them with various abnormal driving behavior models in the database to identify the current driver status.

Detect and alarm driver unsafe behaviors: fatigue detection, distraction detection, phone call detection, smoking detection, no driver detection;

Driver identification;

Real time alarm and video uploading for abnormal driving behavior;

With built-in high definition alarm recording;

With built-in infrared light, driver status can be effectively detected with low light condition.

Defect Detection - Visual Inspection & Quality Testing system

Floor tiles with 20+ different colors and grains.

Real-time recognizing 34+ defects


CAD AI System

Our self-developed AI model learned the domain knowledge of the construction blueprints, to accurately recognizes and clusters CAD building objects (e.g. walls, windows, cables, smoke alarms and valves) from the original complicated black and white floor plan


Our AI model automatically assign these objects to different floor plan layers. The efficiency of our users is greatly improved.

Tunisight RPA+AI

We have a self-developed customizable robot process automation platform designed to connect to your enterprise-level work systems.